the HoloLens

Therapy Lens publications as part of DVS 2017

Last week, the Therapy Lens team from TUM presented the Therapy Lens project at the 23. dvs – Hochschultag conference in Munich. International scientists met in Munich to discuss current topics in sports science with the main focus on “Innovation and Technology in Sports“. The Therapy Lens project was represented at the conference by our two colleagues from TUM – Alan, and Nina.


Alan introduced the Therapy Lens project as well as our plans for creating a spin-off out of it. You can watch the full presentation below or on the YouTube.


Our colleague Nina presented a poster of Therapy Lens at the conference. In her poster, she outlined the main findings from our recent usability study with dementia patients, carers, and clinicians who used the Therapy Lens application. You can find the poster below or download it here.


images: Copyright Astrid Eckert/TUM