Project Details

In the Therapy Lens project, we aim to develop a software application, which will support patients with neurological disease in activities of daily living (ADL). Patients perform activities of daily living while using the Microsoft HoloLens. The Therapy Lens application (installed on the Microsoft HoloLens) will transform the world around the patient with hologram object. The application will provide virtual support and guidance to patients.

Goal of the Therapy Lens project is to positively impact patients’ life and alleviate the stress placed on the health-care systems.

Health Outcomes:

  • Improvement or maintenance of patients general cognitive health.
  • Improvement or maintenance of patients short term memory.
  • Improvement or maintenance of patients performance in real ADL tasks.
  • Improvement in the mental well-being of the patient.

Patient’s Added Value:

  • Improved communication between patient and clinician.
  • Improved sense of control and empowerment for patients.
  • Extension of clinician support beyond hospital/clinical setting and to the patients.


  • Improvement in the level and effectiveness of home-based rehabilitation.