Student Exchange

Student Exchange Program

One of the goals of the Therapy Lens project is to involve students in our project’s development. We like to share our knowledge and experience in an exchange for worthwhile discussions and fresh ideas. That’s why we selected three master thesis students, who participated in our student exchange program.


The exchange program took place at the end of April and beginning of May. The selected students spent 3 – 4 days at each of the universities participating in the project. They first met in Munich, continued their work in Brussels, and finished with a presentation of their achievements in Aachen. At each university, we presented ourselves and our role in the project, discussed different aspects of the project with the students and provided guidance and support.

Our aim was to provide insight into the Therapy Lens project, therapy for patients suffering from dementia and augmented reality. We focused on helping the students to develop and improve their research, presentation, and design skills.

We expected the students to use the skills they gained during the program to develop an augmented reality game. The game should have been designed to improve the ability of dementia patients to live an independent life at home.


Even thought the exchange program was limited in time, the student did a great job. In a short amount of time, they fully understood the idea of our project as well as therapy its needs. The student came up with several ideas and selected the most promising which they design precisely and developed. The students designed a memory game to be played at the Microsoft HoloLens. They outlined the various difficulty levels as well as possible extensions of the game.

We declare our student exchange program to be a success. We enjoyed the collaboration with the students and we believe our guidance and support was helpful for them.

Student Exchange
Student Exchange

You can find more pictures from the exchange program on our Facebook page.