The Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Research at the Chair of Movement Science focuses on understanding human sensorimotor control and motor learning with an emphasis on the underlying neural mechanisms. The interest spans a variety of motor acts from elementary motor skills during object manipulation, complex tool use actions, as well as high performance in sports. While the research broadly covers motor behavior changes over the lifespan, a particular emphasis is placed on the changes associated with neurological diseases such as dementia or stroke. Along these lines, the research aims to improve the understanding of human motor control and the effect of interventions in different fields such as prevention, rehabilitation, and high-performance sports.

Role in the Therapy Lens

TUM are the lead partner of the Therapy Lens project, and one of our main roles will be concerning the project management. In addition to this, TUM will play an important role in the content development for the planned application. In order to ensure that the development of the application is user-led, key stakeholders such as clinicians, patients, and carers will be involved in the content development from the very beginning. TUM will also coordinate the piloting of the Therapy Lens application with patients, clinicians and carers in order to assess its usability and effectiveness.